DAY 1 - Exploring Routes

Today was the first day of Exploring Routes Overnight Camp! The campers arrived and we spent some time playing games by the lake to get to know each other. We ate lunch on the porch while listening and sharing stories about our summers so far. 

Together, we planned out all our meals for the week and then headed to the grocery store to get the ingredients needed. After we got back, we all went for a swim in the lake! We then painted personalized mugs to drink our tea out of for the rest of the week. 

In the late afternoon we went over rules and ate homemade popcorn by the water until dark clouds started spreading closer and we decided to move inside. The girls played card games while the clouds rolled in and the wind began to change. Eventually the sky opened up and there was a HUGE storm. It was exciting to watch from the safety of the house! 

Before dinner, we sat in a circle and cut colorful string for friendship bracelets. Several of the campers had never made them before but by the end of the night they were already experts!!

We ate dinner and then headed downtown  to get ice cream to celebrate one camper’s birthday. When we got home, the girls got into their pjs and we prepared our evening tea. We took some time to do “shout outs” and recognize each other for kind things we did during the day. Chloë read while the campers drew and worked on friendship bracelets...

Another exciting day ahead tomorrow!

Chloe Rowse