Day 1 - Growing Together

Welcome to Camp Chloë 2019! The first hour of camp was spent getting to know each other. We ate warm banana bread and shared stories on the dock. Once everybody felt a bit more comfortable, we started brainstorming meal ideas for the week. We have some interesting dinners ahead! 

It was so hot today. We took full advantage of cooling off in the lake - we went in a total of 5 times! After a little while into our second swim, we noticed some clouds rolling in and decided it was a good idea to stop swimming. We were just sitting down for lunch when the storm hit. It was SO WINDY. We saw a boat struggling to move by and moments later they were yelling for help. Grace and Rob ran over to the next dock to help them - their boat was beginning to sink! The campers watched from a safe distance and then sat on the porch out of the rain to eat lunch. 

After lunch we went to the store and searched for all the ingredients we needed for our meals. The girls were all so well behaved it went very smoothly and we were quickly ready to go!!

We returned home and painted personalized mugs. While the paint was drying, we sat around in a circle and learned about the properties of several herbs. After reading descriptions, smelling, and tasting, we each composed our own personalized tea bags. Once the bags were finished, we decorated little labels to attach to the string. They are some tasty and beneficial teas!

We had a pre dinner swim and free time and then sat together by the fire eating tacos. Of course there were s’mores too...what is a campfire without s’mores??

The girls were surprised with a sunset boat ride around the lake. We saw TWO families of loons with babies and they were beautiful!! We are hoping we can hear them tonight. 

The day concluded with the girls sharing “shout outs” to each other about something kind they did today. Chloë then began to read while we drank from the tea bags we had made earlier in the day. It was a perfect day to start camp and we cannot wait for the sun to rise tomorrow :)

P.S. This whole post was written on a phone so apologies for any typos!!

Chloe Rowse