DAY 2 - Growing Together

The sunlight was sparkling over the lake this morning and created a beautiful warm light in the bedroom when the girls woke up. We went for a morning swim before getting dressed and eating breakfast on the dock. After breakfast we tidied the house and prepared for an adventure. 

Each camper made a sandwich and their own trail mix from our “trail mix bar”. We then packed up the cars and headed out for the morning. On our way to our short hike, we stopped at a lookout spot and found a TON of wild blueberries. The girls decided we had to go back after our hike and pick enough berries to make a pie later. The counselors happily agreed. 

At the top of our hike we ate snack and took some time to relax and draw while listening to the mourning doves. They have such a beautifully haunting sound that reminded us of the loons. On the way down, Chloë pointed out and identified several trees and types of moss. We found some trash along the trail and collected it to dispose of properly. 

We then went back to the blueberry picking spot and wow were they delicious!! A very kind woman showed us to a secret spot with even more berries! It was a dreamy scene - handfuls of wild blueberries with Webb lake and the surrounding mountains in the background. After picking for quite a while, we decided we had enough berries for a pie and headed home. 

We then had rest time, which both the girls and the counselors love :) After rest time we had snack on the porch and then decorated clip boards, which we would later use for making friendship bracelets. 

Grace sat on the porch swing with each girl individually and checked in with them about camp so far. They had time to share how they were feeling and what they were looking forward to. It was an opportunity to get to know the campers more and make sure everything was going well so far. All reports were positive!

Together, we made pie crust from scratch and created a beautiful fresh blueberry pie! We also made pizza dough and let in rise during free time. We cooked the pizza over a campfire and although it sprinkled a bit, we were able to keep the pizza dry and delicious!!

After dinner we sat in a circle and started our friendship bracelets. Grace taught all the girls how to do the “candy cane” technique. Eventually the sun set and we changed into pajamas for reading time. We shared some kind “shout outs” and “thank yous” and then settled down to listen. Chloë read aloud while the campers sipped the homemade tea (which they made yesterday) and continued working on their bracelets. It was a lovely evening! They went to bed exhausted and excited for tomorrow. 

Chloe Rowse