DAY 3 - Growing Together

It was a sleepy morning and the girls were slow to wake! Eventually, some of them mustered the courage to take a rainy morning dip in the lake. For breakfast we ate wild blueberry, chocolate chip, and banana pancakes topped with locally made maple syrup. We all helped clean up the house after breakfast and then got ready for the day. 

The first activity was learning how to bind books. Each girl made her own blank journal to use for the rest of the week. Next, we started beading barefoot sandals. These take patience and commitment to finish and the girls are eager to keep working on them.

In the afternoon, after rest time and swimming, we went to a tennis court and Rob taught us how to play pickleball. At first, our record was three hits over the net. By the end, we got all the way up to 10! They were very excited to improve and disappointed when it was time to return home for dinner. 

We had edamame for an appetizer and then each girl made her own Onigiri. Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball that can be filled with all sorts of tasty things - we chose mushrooms, tofu, garlic, and soy sauce. Once the rice ball is made, you attach a small bit of seaweed to hold the ball between your fingers. Everybody loved this dinner!!

Later in the evening we went for a swim and got ready for bed. The girls shared very kind things about each other in our nightly shout out circle. It is a very sweet group. Chloë read aloud while we drank tea and worked on our friendship bracelets. 

Right before going to bed, we checked our mailboxes. Each person at camp has their own little mail box where they receive mail throughout the week. Some letters are from parents and others are from fellow campers and counselors. Tonight was very special because several of the campers had spent their free time today writing thoughtful notes to everybody. It was a wonderful closing to the day. 

It is now bed time at the zoo!

Chloe Rowse