Day 4 - Growing Together

Today was a big day of accomplishment at camp. We did our usual morning routine - swimming, eating breakfast, cleaning up and preparing for the day. Then we each made our own trail mix and sandwich and prepared for our hike. 

Bald mountain is a great 1mi hike up with a beautiful open view at the top. We took lots of breaks along the way and ate plenty of wild blueberries. Once we reached the rock face, with about 15 minutes to go to the top, the girls were given the option to stop there or keep going. Every single girl made the decision to push themselves a little further and hike to the top. We were so proud of them!!!

We were all happy campers especially once we reached the top and ate our picnic lunch with a view. It was perfect weather and a well deserved break!

We then returned home for banana “nice cream” - frozen bananas and milk blended into an ice cream consistency. The girls happily got in bed for rest time while Grace drew (which we late found out were special drawings for each girl), Chloë worked out on the porch, and Rob relaxed by the lake. 

After rest time, we sat out on the dock to drink freshly squeezed lemonade and eat frozen grapes. We then went for a swim in the lake. There never seems to be enough time for all the swimming we want to do!!

The tea, which we had created earlier in the week, needed a container to be held in so we spent the afternoon painting tins. We then made chocolate chip cookies together and had free time before dinner. 

After dinner we brought over a plate of cookies to our neighbors to thank them for taking us out on their boat earlier in the week. We really like their dog, George, so were pretty excited to see him as well. We ran into him and his family on the top of Bald Mountain earlier in the day!

The day ended with tea time, kind shout outs, reading, drawing, and bracelet making. It is sad to think how quickly the week is going by - we wish we could stay at camp forever!!

Chloe Rowse