Day 5 - Growing Together

Today started with our usual morning swim and breakfast by the lake. The water was so calm and clear we could see all the little sunfish! After breakfast we tie-dyed shirts and got ready for an adventure.

As we were headed out for our adventure, we noticed Grace was missing. We proceeded to find a series of Nancy Drew inspired, scavenger hunt-like, clues that eventually led us to find Grace. In reality this was our adventure, but it took some time for the girls to realize what was happening. They loved the mystery and challenge of figuring out the next clue to the search!

In the afternoon after rest time, we relaxed on the dock and ate popsicles while reminiscing about the week. Once we had finished sharing stories, we put Camp Chloë logos on our tie-dyed shirts and took a group photo. We then painted wooden frames in which we would later put the group photo. 

The campers made beautiful menus and name cards in preparation for our last dinner together - Camp Chloë Thanksgiving. They also worked on thank you notes for everybody who helped throughout the week. 

We made a wild blueberry pie together and cleaned up for our fancy meal ahead. It was a delicious vegetarian (the girl’s decision) Thanksgiving dinner! We also had several fancy appetizers and palate cleansers. Overall it was an elaborate meal! 

While eating our blueberry pie, the girls were given special invitations to an evening ceremony around the fire pit. We gathered together at the fire and each of us selected a crystal that we were drawn to. We then learned about the properties of the crystals and spent a moment of silence meditating. We had lavender essential oil which was very calming in combination with the smell of the campfire!

Chloë added something magical to the fire and the flames began to change color. We watched in amazement for a few moments before turning our attention to the next portion of the ceremony. Each girl was given a necklace with a charm on it - Chloë and Grace picked them out specifically based on the unique personality of the girl. Along with the necklace came a small note describing the meaning of the charm. The girls were very excited about these and wore them proudly for the rest of the night!

We then went around the circle and shared our favorite part of camp, something we learned while at camp, and something kind/encouraging for somebody else. Once everybody had shared, Chloë and Grace passed out long notes they had written together for each camper. They were very long! To close the ceremony, we all stood on the dock and lit sparklers. It was a memorable last night of camp!

Of course, there was tea and reading before has been such a wonderful week we were sad to say goodnight on our last evening together!

Chloe Rowse