Day 3 - Exploring Routes

This morning we spiced up our cereal with some wild blueberries and bananas! After breakfast we tidied the house and prepared for the day. Our first craft was collaging the backs of our friendship bracelet clipboards. We used tissue paper and newspaper and each camper created a unique design on the back. 

Today was hot so we took advantage of being on the lake. We went for a swim before moving on to our next craft - tie dying. We all made shirts, which we would later iron a camp logo onto. Tie dye is pretty amazing in that it comes out looking great 99% of the time no matter how you decide to tie it. 

We found a honey bee in the dye and we tried everything we could to save it! We gave it a warm water shower and helped it onto a leaf in the sun. Last we saw it, the newly dyed purple honey bee was climbing up the big birch tree out front...we sure hope it survived!

Next, we bound our own journals to use for the rest of the week. These took some patience to make and everybody did it! 

We then had a designing challenge - each camper was given a different color table cloth and challenged with turning it into an outfit. They were asked to defend each of their stylistic decisions. Even the decision to rip vs. cut the material had to be explained! 

It was getting hotter outside as the day went on so we went swimming again before lunch. After lunch we had rest time and several of the campers fell asleep! When rest time was over, they were given the choice to keep sleeping or help make blueberry muffins. A couple came down and helped out and when they were done, we had warm blueberry muffins for snack!

The campers were then given a scenario and had to come up with a solution. They were told they had been in a water plane and it crashed and so they had to build some sort of raft to save Grace who had been injured. The only raft building materials they had were the plastic “trash” bottles on the beach and a roll of duct tape somebody happened to have in their backpack. They ended up making quite the elaborate raft and Grace floated on it to safety!

We then went for ANOTHER swim and had free time. For dinner, we sat together on the porch and made Onigiri (Japanese rice balls). We also had miso soup and edamame!

The after dinner activity was another challenge. Each camper was given their own canvas to paint. The only catch was that they could only use white and one other color. They could make as many shades of that color as they wanted. The girls then dispersed outside and found their own private place to paint the scenery. It is so fun to see their creativity come out when confined by certain challenges. 

We went for one last swim before our bed time routine. The evening concluded as usual with shout outs, tea, and reading. Tonight is a bit exciting though because as I am writing this there is a dramatic storm outside!! The heat lightning is fun to watch but what is even better is the cool air the rain is bringing...

Chloe Rowse