Day 4 - Exploring Routes

Here at camp, we are in the presence of a Pickleball Champion and an Ultimate Frisbee Champion. We spent the cooler morning hours learning how to play pickleball and perfecting our frisbee throws. The campers were hesitant at first but quickly realized how fun both sports are!

We later split into two groups for our big cooking challenge of the day. We called the challenge “Two teams, One Kitchen”. Each team had to come up with a food to make and serve to three judges. The food creation was then scored based on taste, creativity, presentation, attention to detail, and organization. As you may have anticipated , both groups chose to make desserts. They were given $20 and 20min at the grocery store to get all the supplies they needed. 

The final dish from Team 1 was a “Sharkberry Shortcake,” which consisted of shortcake, blue “water” whipped cream, fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, and Swedish Fish. They scored a 88/100. Team 2 created a “Berry Brownie” treat, which consisted of homemade milk chocolate brownies, homemade mint ice cream, raspberry sauce, mint leaf, and fresh raspberry. Team 2 also scored a 88/100. Each team scored differently in the five categories but interestingly it ended in a tie. The contestants were disappointed in the tie but happy to eat dessert. 

We swam several times throughout the day and had our usual midday and evening routines. A windy thunder storm came in at the end of the day and our lifeguard Chloë would not let the campers swim before bed. They were very disappointed and kept asking. Eventually we realized they didn’t understand the WHY of why we cannot swim during storms. Once Chloë explained the danger of swimming in lightning, they quickly agreed games inside were a better idea. 

The day ended with tea and reading followed by uncontrollable giggling. We have been reminded once again the effect of eating sugar near bed time. Eventually the giggles settled and the campers fell asleep. Tomorrow is a big day and we all need a good night sleep!!

P.S. I apologize no photos with the blog today! We were so busy we completely forgot to take any!

Chloe Rowse